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      Water is probably the most significant element on this planet responsible for life. With two-thirds of the earth's surface covered by water and the human body consisting of approximately sixty percent of it, everything relies on water. Water, like veins in our bodies, circulates through the land transporting, dissolving, and replenishing nutrients and organic matter, while carrying away waste material.

Vancouver Island is covered by a temperate Rainforest and receives an incredible amount of rainfall. This in turn feeds waterfalls up and down the Island. It is a land of many wonderful waterfalls, from the small unnamed falls on creeks and rivers all over the Island, right up to the tallest falls in Canada, Della Falls located in the Strathcona Park region.   

      Vancouver Island historically has had an abundance of freshwater for both drinking and irrigation purposes. Because of this historic abundance, Vancouver Islanders often assume that fresh and uncontaminated water supplies are infinite. In the past, there was a certain respect for this miracle of life, but our developed technological society has become the indifferent and lost sight of this. Our rivers, seas, and oceans have been exploited, mistreated, and contaminated. The population decline of the marine and riparian life, the appearance of green algae in the rivers, and the stench and slime that comes as a result of putrefaction in the water are clear signs of the depth and extent of disruption that has been caused to this intricate ecosystem.


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